Whale Position Sentiment

Whale Position Sentiment

Imagine the "Whale Position Sentiment" as a sophisticated underwater radar, capable of detecting the movements of the large whales in the deep ocean of the cryptocurrency market.

The Essence of Whale Position Sentiment

This indicator is a combination of advanced sonar and marine behavior analysis. It takes into account the aggregated "Open Interest" - think of this as the amount of water the whales displace as they move. Along with this, it incorporates the "Top Trader Sentiment", which aggregates data from "Top Trader Long/Short Ratio (Position)" and "Top Trader Long/Short Ratio (Account)" - imagine this as patterns of whale movement, revealing whether they are leaning towards rising to the surface (long) or diving deeper (short).

Whale Position Sentiment: Submarine Radar

Sentiment Oscillator

Just like a submarine oscillator picks up sound waves to identify the presence of whales, the "Whale Position Sentiment" detects the waves of sentiments and positions of the big traders. It signals where these 'whales' of the market are clustering, suggesting market tops and bottoms.

Trend Monitoring

This radar not only detects the whales but also interprets their movements. When the large whales (influential traders) start to change direction, this might indicate a trend change in the market, like when a group of whales decides to abruptly change their course.

Practical Utility

For cryptocurrency investors and traders, this indicator is like having a guide to the underwater world. It provides valuable insights into where the whales are moving and how their actions might impact the market ecosystem.

Opportunity Identification

By understanding how the whales are positioned, traders can anticipate significant market movements and adjust their trading strategies to capitalize on these opportunities.


The "Whale Position Sentiment" is more than just an indicator; it's a tool for deep analysis that allows traders to dive into the underlying currents of the cryptocurrency market. Just like an underwater radar reveals the mysteries of the ocean, this indicator unravels the secrets of the movements of the big players, offering a strategic advantage in navigating the sometimes unpredictable waters of the cryptocurrency derivatives market.