Funding Rate
Funding Rate Heatmap + Profile

Funding Rate Heatmap + Profile

What is the Funding Rate Heatmap + Profile?

Imagine the "Funding Rate Heatmap + Profile" as an interactive map of a city, where each street has traffic lights that change color from blue to red, depending on the flow of traffic. In this case, the streets are different price ranges in the cryptocurrency market, and the traffic lights represent funding rates.

How Does It Work?

Color-Coded Traffic Lights Indicating Funding Flow

As you move through the city map (the cryptocurrency market), the traffic lights (funding rates) change color. Blue indicates higher funding rates, while red signals more negative funding rates.

The Meaning of Colors in the Indicator


The blue hue in the indicator is a sign that it might be time to think about selling. When the market shows this color, it indicates that historically, many traders found this point a good time to realize profits, similar to someone bundling up when the environment gets cold.


Conversely, red heats things up, suggesting it might be an opportunity to buy. This color shows that, in the past, traders saw these points as the right time to enter the market, like someone taking the opportunity to soak up some sun in winter.

Practical Use of the Heatmap

Strategic Navigation in the Market

This interactive map allows traders to identify which 'streets' (price ranges) are the busiest and adjust their strategies accordingly. It's a crucial tool for understanding where the most funding activity is and how this might affect asset prices.

Informed Decisions

Just as a driver uses a traffic map to plan the best route, traders can use the "Funding Rate Heatmap + Profile" to plan their trades, avoiding 'congested streets' or seeking opportunities in 'quiet streets'.


The "Funding Rate Heatmap + Profile" is like a dynamic and colorful map that provides a clear view of the funding flow in the cryptocurrency market. It helps traders visualize where the market is most active and make more informed trading decisions, based not just on price but also on the dynamics of funding rates.