Funding Rate
Funding Rate by Exchange

Funding Rate by Exchange

Think of the "Funding Rate by Exchange" as a network of weather stations spread across different cities, each measuring the local atmospheric pressure in the world of cryptocurrency derivatives markets.

What is Funding Rate by Exchange?

Financial Weather Stations

Each exchange in cryptocurrency derivatives markets is like a city with its own weather station. The "Funding Rate by Exchange" provides the reading of the financial atmospheric pressure of that specific city, informing whether traders who expect prices to rise (longs) are paying those who expect them to fall (shorts), and vice versa.

Positive and Negative Funding

When the weather station shows high pressure (positive funding), it means that long traders are paying the shorts. It's like a sunny and hot day where those wanting cooler weather are paying for fans to those who prefer the heat. Conversely, a cold and cloudy day (negative funding) is when short traders are paying the longs, as if sharing blankets to keep warm.

The Importance of the Indicator

Localized Insight

Just as different cities can have varying climates on the same day, each exchange may show a different market sentiment. This indicator is like a detailed weather map, showing the financial atmospheric pressure in each 'city' of the cryptocurrency market.

Influence on Trader Behavior

Just as the weather affects people's behavior, the funding rate of a specific exchange can influence the decisions of traders operating on it. If the 'pressure' is high, indicating positive funding, there might be an optimistic climate, while low pressure could signal caution.

Practical Use

Combination with Other Indicators

By integrating the "Funding Rate by Exchange" with other indicators like the "Open Interest Stacked," traders get a comprehensive view of which exchanges are exerting the most significant impact on the market. It's like having an advanced radar that not only shows the location of ships but also informs about the ocean currents influencing them.

Identifying Market Influencers

This indicator helps to determine which exchanges are truly influencing the market. It's like having a magnifying glass that enlarges and reveals which actors are behind the big waves in the ocean of cryptocurrencies.

Informed Decisions

With this information at hand, traders can make more informed decisions about where to allocate their capital and how to position their trades. They can not only follow the general trend of the market but also understand the specific dynamics of each exchange, thereby maximizing their trading strategies.


The "Funding Rate by Exchange" is more than just a simple indicator; it's an essential compass in the vast sea of cryptocurrency trading. It provides traders with a detailed perspective, allowing for more precise and strategic analysis, and helps identify the true driving forces behind market fluctuations. By using it alongside other indicators, traders can navigate with more confidence and precision in the complex currents of the cryptocurrency market.