Net Position
Net Delta Position by Exchange (Stacked)

Net Delta Position by Exchange (Stacked)

The "Net Delta Position by Exchange"

The "Net Delta Position by Exchange" can be understood through the analogy of a checkers game, where each square on the board represents a different exchange in the cryptocurrency market. Imagine each checkers board filled with pieces, each representing a margin position taken by traders — the black pieces are shorts and the white ones are longs. Every movement of these pieces indicates a bet made by traders: moving forward with a long, betting on market appreciation, or backward with a short, anticipating a decline.

The Importance of Data by Exchange

Just like in checkers, where each individual movement affects the whole game, each exchange contributes data that, when combined, gives us a broader view of the market. The "Net Delta Position by Exchange" stacks this data to show the sum of longs and shorts on each exchange.

The Net Delta Position helps us to:

  • Identify Individual Contributions: As in a game of checkers, where you need to pay attention to each piece, this indicator allows us to identify where traders are placing their bets, whether in longs or shorts, on each exchange.

  • Evaluate the Influence of Each Exchange: Just as some pieces are more strategic than others, some exchanges carry more weight in the market. The indicator shows which exchange has more activity in longs or shorts.

Analyzing the Contributions of Specific Exchanges based on the "Net Delta Position by Exchange":

  • Binance: With two colors representing different trading pairs, Binance is like a checkers board where the intense activity of longs and shorts shows that the players are extremely active. The positions taken here can have a significant impact on the overall landscape of the cryptocurrency market.

  • Bitfinex: This board, marked by the color of the line associated with USDT, may indicate how traders are reacting to global or regional events. An upward movement in the line could suggest growing optimism, while a downward movement might indicate caution among traders.

  • Deribit and Other Exchanges: Each of them is like a distinct set of players in the game of checkers, with strategies and bets reflecting their own market view. The accumulation of longs or shorts on these platforms can signal specific market trends or reactions to economic or regulatory events.

The different colors and the position of each line give us clues about where traders are more confident or concerned. By analyzing the indicator, traders can form a clearer picture of how sentiment and expectations vary among exchanges, which can help in making strategic trading decisions.

Understanding the Cumulative Impact

Observing the "Net Delta Position by Exchange" is like looking at all the checkers boards at the same time, understanding how each individual game can affect the unfolding of the other games. This offers us a holistic view, crucial for anticipating market movements.


The "Net Delta Position by Exchange" is an analytical tool that allows us to understand the collective dynamics of traders, showing us how longs and shorts are distributed across various exchanges. Like in the game of checkers, each move has its importance and can have a significant impact on the outcome of the game — in this case, the cryptocurrency market.