Bitcoin + Stablecoin Dominance

Bitcoin + Stablecoin Dominance

"Bitcoin Dominance" is a metric that demonstrates the proportion of Bitcoin's (BTC) market capitalization relative to the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. "Bitcoin + Stablecoin Dominance," on the other hand, is an extension of this metric that combines the market capitalization of Bitcoin with that of stablecoins, offering a broader view of the market.

  • Measure of Influence: Bitcoin dominance serves as an indicator of BTC's influence in the cryptocurrency market, reflecting its position as a market leader.
  • Market Barometer: Changes in Bitcoin dominance can signal shifts in investor confidence and risk appetite in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin + Stablecoin Dominance

  • Combination of Leadership and Stability: This indicator highlights Bitcoin's role as a dominant force and stablecoins as elements of stability in the market.
  • Integrated View: By considering the combined capitalization of BTC and stablecoins, investors can gain a better understanding of how these combined assets influence the crypto ecosystem.

Importance of the Indicators

  • Investment Strategy: Understanding Bitcoin dominance and the combined dominance of Bitcoin + Stablecoins can help investors formulate investment strategies aligned with market trends.
  • Sentiment Analysis: A shift in combined dominance can reflect the overall market sentiment, whether leaning towards the safety of stablecoins or the potential appreciation of Bitcoin.


Analyzing "Bitcoin Dominance" and "Bitcoin + Stablecoin Dominance" is crucial for assessing Bitcoin's market position and the role of stablecoins as safe-haven assets or as a basis for trading and hedging operations. Together, these indicators provide a comprehensive perspective on the distribution of capital in the cryptocurrency market, allowing market participants to make informed decisions based on the dynamic balance between market leadership and financial stability.