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Funds Assets Under Management (Stacked100%)

Funds - Assets Under Management (Stacked 100%)

The "Funds - Assets Under Management (Stacked 100%)" chart provides a comprehensive view of the asset distribution in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies among various investment funds and ETFs, presented as a percentage of the total market. In this stacked chart, the AUM (Assets Under Management) of each fund is shown as part of the whole, adding up to 100% at any specific point in time.

Investment Cake Analogy

Imagine the crypto asset market as a large cake, where each slice represents the AUM portion of a different fund. This stacked chart is like looking at the cake from the side, where you can see not just the total size of the cake but also how the size of each slice changes over time.

Importance of the Chart

  • Market Composition: The chart allows investors to visualize the market composition, observing how assets are distributed among various funds.
  • Diversification Analysis: It's a valuable tool for understanding diversification within the sector, showing how the proportional representation of each fund varies over time.
  • Relative Growth: It enables observing the relative growth or contraction of specific funds in the ecosystem, highlighting changes in investor preferences and market trends.

Utilizing the Chart

Investors can use this chart to:

  • Make Allocation Decisions: Assessing which funds are gaining or losing market share can influence decisions on where to allocate capital.
  • Understand Market Trends: Changes in AUM proportions can indicate emerging trends, such as increased interest in certain areas of the cryptocurrency market.
  • Evaluate Sector Health: The distribution and evolution of AUM slices can provide insights into the health and stability of the crypto asset fund sector.


The "Funds - Assets Under Management (Stacked 100%)" chart is an essential analytical tool for anyone interested in understanding the dynamics of the cryptocurrency fund market. It offers a detailed view of the market structure, allowing for in-depth analysis of asset distribution, diversification trends, and the relative performance of funds over time.