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Gap Derivatives vs Spot

Gap Derivatives vs Spot

The "Gap Derivatives vs Spot" is a magnifying glass over the Binance trading ecosystem, focusing on the nuances between derivative markets and the spot market. This dual metric comprises two distinct approaches: one focused on the difference relative to the closing price and another that considers the average of the OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) prices, divided by four, to provide a holistic view of price discrepancies.

Premium vs. Discount in Derivatives

When the values of this metric are positive, it indicates that derivative contracts are trading at a premium compared to prices in the spot market. This may reflect market future expectations or a higher demand for derivative contracts. Conversely, negative values suggest that derivatives are trading at a discount, which could indicate a preference or higher valuation of assets in the spot market.

Arbitrage Opportunities

The disparity between derivative and spot markets opens doors to arbitrage strategies, where traders can exploit price differences for profit. The "Gap Derivatives vs Spot" acts as a treasure map for these opportunities, signaling moments when buying or selling in one market and doing the opposite in the other could result in financial gains.

Strategic Market Analysis

Beyond illuminating arbitrage opportunities, this metric also provides valuable insights into market health and trends. A consistent and significant difference between derivative and spot market prices may indicate volatility, market expectations, or changes in liquidity, crucial elements in formulating successful trading strategies.


The "Gap Derivatives vs Spot" is an essential tool in the arsenal of any trader operating on Binance, offering a clear view of the dynamics between derivative and spot markets. Understanding this metric allows for a more informed and strategic approach to trading, leveraging price variations to maximize returns while navigating the complex cryptocurrency environment.