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Top Price vs Bottom Price

Top Price vs Bottom Price

The "Top Price vs Bottom Price" indicator, a creation by João Wedson of Dominando Cripto, acts as a lighthouse in the volatile ocean of the Bitcoin market, providing precise guidance on when the price waves reach their highest peaks and deepest troughs. This indicator stands out for its rigorous mathematical approach in pinpointing these critical points.

Deciphering the Top Price

The "Top Price" is calculated using a formula that takes the average price of Bitcoin in circulation and amplifies it by 35. This multiplication is not random; it is based on a deep historical analysis of Bitcoin price behavior, identifying a recurring pattern where market tops tend to form. This calculation transforms the average price into a beacon indicating when the price might be stretching beyond its intrinsic value, signaling potential overvaluation zones.

Understanding the Bottom Price

Conversely, the "Bottom Price" is derived by dividing the average price of Bitcoin over a specific time window by the total supply, and then multiplying this result by the Fibonacci factor of 2.118. This approach distills the essence of market inflection points, where prices tend to find solid support, offering a window for buying opportunities before the onset of a new rise.

The Precision in Prediction

The "Top Price vs Bottom Price" indicator's ability to accurately predict market extremes is not by chance. It is the result of meticulous historical analysis combined with the application of solid mathematical principles, providing investors and traders with a reliable guide to navigate the uncertainties of the cryptocurrency market.

Strategic Implementation

For traders and investors, this indicator offers a strategic viewpoint for planning market entries and exits. However, it is crucial to integrate this information with other forms of analysis, creating a well-rounded investment approach that considers a variety of market and economic factors.


The "Top Price vs Bottom Price" is more than a metric; it's a compass for those seeking to understand the natural rhythms of the Bitcoin market. Developed with the precision and insight of a cryptocurrency expert, this indicator illuminates the often obscure paths of Bitcoin trading, offering clarity and confidence in investment decisions.