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Miners Total MarketCap

Miners Total Market Cap

The "Miners Total Market Cap" is an innovative indicator, developed by João Wedson of Dominando Cripto, that reflects the aggregated market capitalization of cryptocurrency mining companies. This index is exclusive and pioneering, offering valuable insights into the financial health of miners, who play a crucial role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, especially as some of the largest Bitcoin holders.

Purpose of the Indicator

  • Insight into Miners' Health: By compiling the market capitalization of a selection of miners, the indicator provides insight into the health and economic viability of the cryptocurrency mining sector.
  • Industry Thermometer: The performance of the mining market can be an indicator of overall confidence in cryptocurrency mining and, by extension, in the crypto asset industry as a whole.

Advantages of the Miners Total Market Cap

  • Privileged Information: As a unique indicator provided by Dominando Cripto, it offers users a competitive edge, allowing them to anticipate market trends based on the performance of miners.
  • Market Sentiment Indicator: Significant changes in the "Miners Total Market Cap" can signal shifts in Bitcoin holders' sentiment, potentially affecting supply and demand.

Strategic Application

  • Trend Analysis: The indicator can be used to identify emerging trends in the mining market and to anticipate Bitcoin market movements.
  • Investment Decisions: Investors can use the "Miners Total Market Cap" to make strategic assessments about investments in mining stocks or in cryptocurrencies directly.


The "Miners Total Market Cap" is a cutting-edge analytical tool that provides a unique perspective on the cryptocurrency mining sector. Created by João Wedson of Dominando Cripto, this indicator is a true goldmine for investors and analysts, offering data that can anticipate market shifts and enabling more informed investment decisions. With its ability to reflect the state of the largest Bitcoin holders, the "Miners Total Market Cap" is indispensable for those looking to stay ahead in the cryptocurrency market.