Percentage Change 14Days

Percentage Change 14 Days

The "Percentage Change 14 Days" is like looking at a football team's record over the last two weeks before deciding to bet on them. This indicator shows how much the price of something, like Bitcoin, has gone up or down in two weeks. It's an easy way to see if the price is trending up, down, or staying more or less the same.

Why Is This Indicator Useful?

This indicator quickly helps you understand if things are going well or poorly with an asset's price without getting lost in complicated details.

When to Use?

  1. Checking Stability: If you want to know whether the price of something is stable or if it's experiencing many sharp changes.
  2. Spotting Major Changes: To see if there's been a significant rise or fall in price that might signal a good opportunity to buy or sell.
  3. Making Better Decisions: Using this information can help decide if it's a good time to make a move, like buying more or selling what you have.


Understanding the "Percentage Change 14 Days" is like having a clear view of the playing field before making your move. It shows whether the price of something is steady or moving a lot, helping you make smarter decisions about what to do next.