Volume and Trades
Total Volume

Total Volume

The "Total Volume" indicator consolidates the trading volume of Bitcoin, aggregating data from various Exchanges. It offers a comprehensive view of the buying and selling activity of the currency, including both the Spot and Derivatives markets. This indicator is essential for understanding the liquidity of Bitcoin and the intensity of trading activities across different platforms.

Spot Market

In the Spot market, "Total Volume" reflects the immediate transactions of Bitcoin, where the buying and selling of the currency occur at the moment, revealing the direct interest and movement of traders.

Derivatives Market

In the Derivatives market, it includes the volume of trading in futures contracts, options, and other financial instruments based on Bitcoin. This segment of the total volume provides insights into the market's future expectations and investors' hedging strategies.

Liquidity Analysis

Analyzing "Total Volume" helps investors assess the liquidity of Bitcoin, i.e., the ease with which they can execute transactions without causing significant price impacts. A high volume suggests high liquidity and, potentially, lower price volatility.

Informed Decision-Making

Investors use the "Total Volume" indicator to make more informed decisions, adjusting their strategies according to market dynamics. It serves as a thermometer of market activity, indicating periods of greater interest or caution among market participants.