CDD Binary Heatmap

CDD Binary Heatmap

The "CDD Binary Heatmap" is a graphical representation that serves as a visual indicator of the activity of large volumes of Bitcoin that were inactive and are now being transacted. In this chart, colors are used to indicate movement: light blue shows periods when a significant amount of inactive Bitcoins were moved, while red indicates that most Bitcoins remained inactive.

This heatmap is divided into time intervals, and the color at each point in the chart corresponds to the activity of Bitcoin coins during that period. If we see a section predominantly blue, this suggests that long-term holders might be activating their Bitcoins, potentially indicating a phase of selling or asset redistribution. Conversely, sections dominated by red suggest that there was little to no movement of the coins, which can be interpreted as a sign of stability or hodling among investors.

Therefore, the "CDD Binary Heatmap" provides a quick and intuitive way to identify Bitcoin holder behavior patterns, revealing moments of high activity that can have significant impacts on market dynamics. Analyzing these colors and patterns helps investors and analysts better understand market activity and make informed decisions based on the circulation of old versus recent Bitcoin.