Expected Supply 10Y

Expected Supply 10Y

"Expected Supply 10Y" is an estimate of how many units of a cryptocurrency will be available after ten years. It's like looking at the planting and harvesting calendar of a farm: we know that the amount of fruits or vegetables we will have in the future depends on how many seeds we plant today and how we care for them.

In cryptocurrency, the "seeds" are the rules about how new coins are created, like through mining or other forms of distribution. "Caring" for them refers to how people maintain and use these coins. Some coins are like perennial plants, which once planted, grow for many years (think of Bitcoin with its limited supply). Others are like annual plants, needing to be replanted or growing quickly and in large quantities (cryptocurrencies with high inflation).

The "Expected Supply 10Y" estimate helps investors decide whether they want to "plant" in a cryptocurrency thinking about the "fruit" it can yield in ten years, considering the potential abundance or scarcity of that currency in the future. Simply put, it's a way to predict whether we will have a "basket" full or empty of a particular cryptocurrency a decade from now.