Supply in Top Addresses

Supply in Top Addresses

"Supply in Top Addresses" is a measure that shows us how much of a cryptocurrency is stored in the wealthiest wallets, that is, in the hands of a few holders who have large quantities. It's as if we have a cake, and a few people have the larger slices.

This concentration can be compared to a water reservoir: if most of the water is in a few large tanks, the way these few controllers use the water can affect the entire surrounding community. Similarly, in cryptocurrency, if a few wallets have the majority of the assets, their actions (like selling or buying large quantities) can create waves in the market, affecting the price and availability for others.

Now, let's consider the different levels of "Supply in Addresses with Balance":

  • **Balance ≥ 10Thisisthebroadestgroup,includingalmostanyonewhohasstartedtoinvestincryptocurrencies.Itslikelookingatallthepeoplewhohavea10** - This is the broadest group, including almost anyone who has started to invest in cryptocurrencies. It's like looking at all the people who have a 10 bill in their wallets.

  • Balance ≥ $100 - Here, we're focusing on those who have accumulated a bit more, perhaps after a few transactions or some more substantial initial investment. It's like counting who has enough for a significant purchase.

  • Balance ≥ $1,000 - This level indicates holders who possess a more considerable amount, suggesting a more serious investment or gains from appreciation. It's like identifying who has a robust emergency reserve.

  • Balance ≥ $10,000 - Entering into the territory of even more dedicated investors, this indicator shows who has an amount that may already represent a significant portion of their wealth.

  • Balance ≥ $100,000 - Here we are talking about major investors, who have a value that many would consider a fortune in cryptocurrencies. It could be the balance of a lifetime's savings for many.

  • Balance ≥ $1,000,000 - This is the domain of the cryptocurrency 'whales', holders who possess amounts that can influence the market due to their substantial size.

  • Balance ≥ $10,000,000 - At the top of the pyramid, we find the richest holders, with balances exceeding what most people will see in their entire lives. They are the 'giants' of the cryptocurrency world.

Observing "Supply in Top Addresses" and the various levels of balance helps to understand the ownership structure of a cryptocurrency. This is crucial for assessing how centralized or decentralized the currency's distribution is, which can have significant implications for market stability and the overall security of the network.