Funding Rate
Aggregated Funding Rate

Aggregated Funding Rate

Think of the "Aggregated Funding Rate" as a large thermometer in a trading ecosystem, measuring the 'temperature' of the cryptocurrency derivatives market.

What is Aggregated Funding Rate?

Market Thermometer: The "Aggregated Funding Rate" acts like a giant thermometer in the center of a financial city. It gauges the market's temperature, indicating whether the climate is favorable for long traders (those betting on price increases) or short traders (who bet on a decrease).

Positive and Negative Funding: When the thermometer shows a higher temperature (positive funding), it means that long traders are paying the shorts. It's like a hot day where the city's residents, betting on rising prices, are paying for cold drinks for those betting on a fall. Conversely, a lower temperature (negative funding) means the opposite: the short traders are paying the longs, as if offering blankets on a cold day.

Why Does It Matter?

Market Sentiment: This thermometer gives a clear idea of how traders are feeling. High positive funding can suggest that many believe in a price increase, while negative funding might indicate the opposite.

Influence on Prices: Just like the temperature can affect people's behavior, the "Aggregated Funding Rate" influences traders' decisions. If many are paying to maintain long positions, it might indicate a collective belief in the asset's appreciation, potentially raising its price.

Practical Use

Decision-Making Tool: For a cryptocurrency trader, this thermometer is an essential tool. It helps to understand whether it's time to wear a coat and prepare for cold weather (short positions) or put on a sun hat and expect sunny days (long positions).

Aggregated Data: Being based on data from 11 exchanges makes this thermometer especially reliable, like averaging the temperatures from several different cities.


The "Aggregated Funding Rate" is more than just a number or a statistic. It's a vital indicator of the 'temperature' of the cryptocurrency derivatives market, helping traders to understand the prevailing climate and prepare appropriately for market conditions, whether by putting up an umbrella to protect from the rain or sunglasses to enjoy the sun.