Long vs Shorts
Long Short Ratio Heatmap

Long Short Ratio Heatmap

The "Long Short Ratio Heatmap"

Is a detailed analytical tool, functioning like a highly developed radar, monitoring the emotional climate of the cryptocurrency market. Just like a weather radar detects areas of rain and sunshine, this heatmap detects where investors are more inclined to buy (long positions) or sell (short positions) in major cryptocurrencies.

The Role of the Heatmap as an Arm of the Screener

Think of the Heatmap as a specialized assistant of a financial Screener. While the Screener looks for stars (investment opportunities), the Heatmap is the telescope that shows the heat of these stars, indicating their activity — the cryptocurrencies with high and low LSR (Long Short Ratio).

High LSR

Cryptocurrencies with a high LSR are like bright stars, indicating strong optimism in the market. They suggest that more investors are positioned for a price increase.


A low LSR indicates greater skepticism or pessimism among investors, expecting a price drop.

Using the Heatmap Efficiently

By using the Heatmap in conjunction with other Screener tools, you combine what is observed in the financial sky (market opportunities) with how the investor community feels about these opportunities. This allows identifying the cryptocurrencies that are drawing attention for their long or short positions.


The Long Short Ratio Heatmap is a vital extension of the Screener, providing a deep insight into the emotional trends of investors in cryptocurrencies. It offers an immediate visual perspective on which cryptocurrencies are under the investors' spotlight, helping to guide their investment strategies.