Crypto Index Correlation Matrix (Last7days)

Crypto Index Correlation Matrix (Last 7 days)

The "Crypto Index Correlation Matrix" provides a comparative analysis of the correlations between different cryptocurrency categories over the last seven days. This indicator uses a color range from red to blue to represent the strength of correlation between the categories, where red indicates a very high correlation and blue a very low correlation.

Interpreting the Matrix

  • High Correlations: Warmer tones, such as reds and oranges, highlight a strong positive correlation, indicating that the categories move together in a synchronized manner.
  • Low Correlations: Cooler tones, such as blues, represent a low or negative correlation, showing that the categories move in opposite directions or do not exhibit a direct relationship.

Insights for Traders and Investors

  • Pattern Detection: The matrix allows traders and investors to detect market patterns, identifying which categories tend to move together, which can be crucial for diversification strategies and risk management.
  • Trend Analysis: Observing changes in correlations can help identify shifts in market trends, signaling when a category may be starting to move independently of the others.
  • Asset Allocation Strategy: Using the matrix to understand how different categories interact can inform a more strategic asset allocation, balancing between highly correlated categories and those that offer diversification benefits.

Example of Use

For instance, a high correlation between "Layer-1" and "Smart-contract-platform" indicates that both categories have exhibited similar market behavior over the last seven days. Conversely, a low correlation between "Gaming" and "Decentralized-exchange" suggests that these categories have not been moving in concordance, which might offer diversification opportunities.


The "Crypto Index Correlation Matrix (Last 7 days)" is a valuable market analysis tool that provides a rich and detailed perspective on the relationships between cryptocurrency categories. Understanding these correlations is essential for making well-informed investment decisions, especially in a market as volatile and diverse as cryptocurrencies.