Altcoins Dominance (ExcludeBTC+ETH+Stables)

Altcoins Dominance (Exclude BTC + ETH + Stables)

The "Altcoins Dominance (Exclude BTC + ETH + Stables)" indicator provides a specific market analysis, focusing on the market share of alternative cryptocurrencies, discounting the influence of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Stablecoins. This indicator is a thermometer for the health and vigor of the altcoin segment, showing how these cryptocurrencies are performing independently of the two largest and the anchored digital currencies (Stablecoins).

Significance of the Indicator

  • Measure of Diversification: The indicator highlights the diversity and strength of the altcoin market, offering a view of innovation and growth beyond the major cryptocurrencies.
  • Exclusion of BTC, ETH, and Stablecoins: By excluding Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stablecoins, the indicator focuses on cryptocurrencies that may offer distinct market dynamics and differentiated investment opportunities.

Utilization of "Altcoins Dominance"

  • Assessment of Altcoins Strength: The indicator helps determine whether the altcoin market is gaining or losing ground, which can be a sign of changes in risk appetite and investor interest.
  • Strategic Portfolio Decisions: Information on altcoin dominance can guide investors in building a diversified portfolio, potentially capitalizing on the growth of emerging cryptocurrencies.

Benefits for Investors

  • Trend Detection: Understanding altcoin dominance can reveal emerging trends and growth sectors in the broader cryptocurrency market.
  • Understanding Market Dynamics: The indicator provides insights into how altcoins are performing in a scenario where BTC and ETH are not dominating market movements.


The "Altcoins Dominance (Exclude BTC + ETH + Stables)" is a valuable tool for those looking to understand the performance of cryptocurrencies outside the shadow of the major coins. It reflects the innovation capacity and growth potential of altcoins, offering investors an important metric for investment decision-making and for the strategy of digital asset diversification.