Altcoins Dominance

Altcoins Dominance

"Altcoins Dominance" is a critical indicator in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, measuring the market share of altcoins in comparison to the total market capitalization of crypto assets, excluding Bitcoin. This metric is crucial for understanding the weight and influence of the various cryptocurrencies that make up the market, beyond the predominance of Bitcoin.

Understanding Altcoins Dominance

  • Market Comparison: "Altcoins Dominance" compares the combined market capitalization of all altcoins with that of Bitcoin, highlighting the relative importance of alternative cryptocurrencies.
  • Weight of Altcoins: The metric reflects how much investment is being channeled into altcoins relative to the traditional market dominator, Bitcoin.

Importance of the Indicator

  • Diversification Thermometer: An increase in "Altcoins Dominance" indicates a more diversified market, where investors are exploring opportunities beyond Bitcoin.
  • Trend Signal: A shift in altcoins dominance can signal trend movements, such as the adoption of new technologies or reactions to regulatory changes.

Strategic Applications

  • Investment Decisions: The indicator can inform asset allocation strategies, helping investors decide between holding a larger position in Bitcoin or diversifying into altcoins.
  • Sentiment Analysis: An increase in altcoins dominance may indicate optimistic market sentiment towards innovations and emerging projects.


"Altcoins Dominance" is a fundamental indicator for any participant in the cryptocurrency market, whether an active trader or a long-term investor. By providing a clear understanding of how altcoins are positioning themselves relative to Bitcoin, this indicator offers valuable insight into the overall landscape of the crypto asset market and the constantly changing dynamics that define the sector.

Bitcoin and Stablecoin Dominance

"Bitcoin Dominance" is a metric that shows the proportion of Bitcoin's (BTC) market capitalization relative to the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. "Bitcoin + Stablecoin Dominance" is an extension of this metric, combining the market capitalization of Bitcoin with that of stablecoins, offering a broader view of the market.