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BTC Price Radar

BTC Price Radar

The "BTC Price Radar" is a sophisticated navigation tool for the vast and often turbulent ocean of the Bitcoin market. This 360-degree radar chart not only charts the course of Bitcoin but does so by following 4-year cycles, a cadence that aligns surprisingly well with historical market tops and bottoms.

Navigating the 4-Year Cycles

Each 4-year cycle on the "BTC Price Radar" is a complete journey, starting and ending at the same point on the radar chart. This cyclical pattern reflects the unique nature of Bitcoin, including events like halving, which historically have been precursors to major price movements. Notably, Bitcoin has never fallen below its price from 4 years prior, a testament to its long-term growth trajectory despite volatility.

Identifying Tops and Bottoms

The "BTC Price Radar" is not just a map but also a guide to pinpointing the market's crucial moments: the tops and bottoms. These points are marked within the 4-year cycles, providing investors and traders with a clear view of when the market has reached its extremes and is potentially gearing up for a trend reversal.

A Long-Term Perspective

Unlike traditional charts, the "BTC Price Radar" offers a panoramic view of Bitcoin's price behavior, embracing a long-term perspective. This comprehensive view is invaluable for investors planning beyond the daily highs and lows, focusing on the macro trends that shape the market over the years.


The "BTC Price Radar" is an innovative and revealing tool, designed for those looking to understand not just where Bitcoin has been but where it might be heading in the grand scheme of market cycles. By visualizing Bitcoin's price behavior in 4-year cycles, investors and traders can navigate with greater confidence, armed with a deeper understanding of the forces driving this dynamic market.