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RSI 1000

RSI 1000

The RSI 1000 is an innovative expansion of the classic Relative Strength Index (RSI), tailored for market visionaries who play the long game. While traditional RSI operates over a 14-period horizon, the RSI 1000 extends this window to 1000 periods, transforming it into a macroscopic analysis tool for daily, weekly, or monthly charts.

Deepening Technical Analysis

With its broadened approach, the RSI 1000 offers a deeper, more considered reading of price trend strength and direction. This extension to 1000 periods allows for a more detailed analysis of price variations, providing a smoothed perspective less susceptible to short-term fluctuations.

Ideal for Long-Term Investors

For investors focused on long-term trends, the RSI 1000 is a compass pointing beyond the surface waves, diving into the underlying currents moving the markets. This indicator is particularly valuable for identifying sustained price movements, helping to distinguish between temporary corrections and significant trend changes.

Interpreting the RSI 1000

  • Values Above 70: Indicate a possible overbought condition, suggesting the price might be stretching too far in the upward direction.
  • Values Below 30: Signal a potential oversold condition, where the price may have fallen more than justified, opening up buying opportunities.

However, given the long-term nature of the RSI 1000, these thresholds may not be as immediately reactive as in the traditional RSI, requiring a more considered and contextual interpretation.


The RSI 1000 reimagines technical analysis for the long-term investor, extending the trend evaluation horizon and offering a more granular view of the forces shaping the market over time. By incorporating this indicator into their strategy, investors gain a powerful tool to navigate the deep and often turbulent waters of the market, with an eye toward the distant future.