Percentage Change 1Year

Percentage Change 1 Year

The "Percentage Change 1 Year" is like looking at a picture from last year and seeing how much has changed. This indicator shows the percentage change in the prices of assets, like Bitcoin, over an entire year. It gives a clear idea of how the asset has performed, helping investors and traders to understand long-term trends.

Understanding Long-Term Trends

When this indicator is positive, it's like Bitcoin scored many goals over the last year, showing an uptrend and good performance. If negative, it's as though it conceded many goals, indicating a downtrend and a loss in value.

Making Decisions Based on History

This indicator helps to:

  1. See the Big Picture: Understand whether the asset has been a good investment over the past year.
  2. Plan Strategies: Decide whether it's time to invest more, hold, or sell, based on past performance.

Adjusting Investment Strategies

Knowing whether the asset has appreciated or depreciated over the last year helps in adjusting your strategies. It's like deciding whether to continue rooting for the same team or if it's time to reconsider your choices.

Why It's Important

  • For Long-Term Investors: This metric is crucial for those looking ahead and wanting to invest in assets with a strong growth track record.
  • To Analyze Market Health: Helps understand whether the market as a whole is growing or facing challenges.


The "Percentage Change 1 Year" is like a timeline showing how much an asset has changed in a year. It offers valuable insights into long-term trends, aiding in making more informed decisions about where to place your money.