Address Count Per Balance (BTC)

Address Count Per Balance (BTC)

The "Address Count Per Balance (BTC)" indicator is an analytical tool used in the cryptocurrency market to understand the behavior of Bitcoin holders. This indicator reflects the number of Bitcoin addresses categorized by the balance they hold in BTC, offering a perspective from the year 2010 to the present.

With the capability to apply various filters, users can analyze the distribution of Bitcoin by address, segmenting them into ranges from those holding 0.001 BTC to those accumulating more than 100k BTC. This functionality allows investors and analysts to observe not just the quantity of addresses in each category, but also how these numbers change over time in relation to Bitcoin's price.

For beginners, this indicator can be an introduction to the concept of wealth distribution within the Bitcoin ecosystem, helping to understand where the bulk of Bitcoin is concentrated. For intermediate users, it offers a more in-depth view of the participation of different holder groups in the market. And for advanced users, it enables the assessment of potential influences on Bitcoin's price based on significant balance movements among addresses.

Additionally, this indicator is a way to perceive the health and growth of the Bitcoin market, analyzing whether the number of addresses with small or large balances is increasing or decreasing, which can be a sign of new investors entering the market or wealth consolidation, respectively.

In summary, the "Address Count Per Balance (BTC)" is a window into the market dynamics of Bitcoin, providing valuable insights into Bitcoin distribution and how different groups of holders can affect the price and liquidity in the cryptocurrency market.