Exchange Flow
Exchange Reserve (Stacked)

Exchange Reserve (Stacked)

Imagine that each cryptocurrency trading platform is comparable to a large safe within a bank, where each one stores a certain amount of money. Now, think of the "Exchange Reserve (Stacked)" as a way of seeing these safes transparently, one stacked on top of the other, each with a color representing a different bank. This view allows us to quickly identify which safe is fuller and which is emptier.

This stacked chart is a representation of how many cryptocurrencies each exchange has in its "safe". If a safe is brimming with cryptocurrency, it indicates that many people are depositing their digital coins there. Conversely, a less full safe might suggest that people are withdrawing their coins or transferring them to other platforms.

Understanding how cryptocurrency reserves are distributed among different exchanges is crucial. It's like knowing which platforms people trust more with their money. If a safe begins to empty rapidly, this could be a sign that confidence in that platform is waning. Conversely, a safe that is filling up might indicate a highly trusted location or simply a favorable environment for trading.

Therefore, the "Exchange Reserve (Stacked)" is a visual and intuitive tool that shows where crypto money is being deposited the most. It offers investors a clear view of the market climate, indicating where opportunities are arising and where there might be risks.