Supply in Address by Balance % of Supply

Supply in Address by Balance % of Supply

"Supply in Address by Balance % of Supply" for Bitcoin is a metric that shows us how much each wallet holds in terms of the percentage of the total Bitcoin supply. Think of it as a way to understand how the Bitcoin "pizza" is divided among wallet holders.

  • Addresses with Balance ≥ 0.00000001% of Total Supply: These are the smallest slices of the pizza, owned by a wide base of Bitcoin holders. These might be individuals with minimal investments or newcomers to the world of Bitcoin.

  • Addresses with Balance ≥ 0.01% of Total Supply: This is a slightly larger slice, indicating wallet holders who possess a more significant percentage of Bitcoin. These could be serious investors or small companies that have accumulated Bitcoin over time.

  • Addresses with Balance ≥ 1% of Total Supply: Here, we are looking at the large slices of the pizza. Wallets that hold 1% or more of the total Bitcoin supply are the market's 'whales', owning an amount of Bitcoin that has the power to significantly influence the market price and liquidity.

Assessing the "Supply in Address by Balance % of Supply" is crucial for understanding how Bitcoin is distributed among its users. A large concentration in a few addresses might suggest a less decentralized market, where large holders have significant influence. This can impact how Bitcoin moves in the market and how it is perceived in terms of security and stability. The more distributed the Bitcoin, the more decentralized and, potentially, more stable the market can be.